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Hitachi Power Cable / Power Cord

Hitachi Power Cable / Power Cord

1.00 LBS

Product Description

Hitachi Power Cable / Power Cord.

Compatible with the following TV model numbers:

13A25 32LV37U 46G300U1
14DL74 32LV665D 46G300U3
14DLV75 32LV67 46G310U
15DLV16 32LV67U 46H14
15DLV76 32LV713B 46H83
15DLV77 32LV713B1 46H84
15DLV77B 32RV153 46HM15
15LV505 32RV525RZ 46HM84
17HLV85 32RV530U 46HM94
19A24 32RV63 46HM94P
19A25 32RV635D 46HM95
19AV500U 32RV665D 46HMX84
19AV501U 32RV753 46HMX85
19AV505D 32SL400U 46HP66
19AV51U 32SL410U 46HX83
19AV555DB 32SLV411U 46L5200U
19AV600U 32TL515U 46LX177
19AV600UZ 32V100U1 46RF350U
19AV615DB 32WL48P 46RV525R
19AV616DB 32WL56P 46RV525RZ
19AV713B 32WL66P 46RV525U
19BV500B 32WLT58 46RV530U
19C100U 32WLT66 46RV535U
19CV100U 32WLT66S 46RV53CU
19DV555DB 32WLT68 46RV555D
19DV615DB 32XV505D 46RV555DB
19DV616DB 32XV505DB 46RV560U
19DV665D 32XV553DB 46SL412U
19DV665DB 32XV555D 46SL417U
19DV667B 32ZV635D 46SV670U
19DV667DB 32ZV635DB 46UL605U
19DV713B 36HF73 46UL610U
19L4200U1 36HFX73 46UX600U
19LV505 37AV500P 46WX800U
19LV506 37AV500U 46XF355D
19LV610U 37AV502R 46XF550U
19LV610U-T 37AV502U 46XV540U
19LV61K 37AV505D 46XV545U
19SL410U 37AV505DB 46XV555D
19SLV411U 37AV50U 46XV640U
19W330DB 37AV52R 46XV645U
20AS23 37AV52U 46XV648U
20DL74 37AV554D 46ZF335D
20DV555DB 37AV555D 46ZF355D
20HL67 37AV555DB 47HL167
20HL85 37AV565DB 47L6200U
20HLK67 37AV615D 47L7200U
20HLK86 37AV615DB 47LX196
20HLV15 37C3030D 47LZ196
20HLV16 37C3030DB 47TL515U
20HLV16S 37C3031D 47WLT66
20HLV85 37C3031DB 47Z303D
20HLV86 37C3035DB 47ZV650U
20HLV86S 37CV505DB 50HM66
20VL14 37CV510U 50HM67
20VL17 37E200U 50HMX96
20VL43U 37HL17 50HP16
22AV500U 37HL57 50HP66
22AV600U 37HL66 50HP81
22AV600UZ 37HL67 50HP95
22AV615DB 37HL67S 50HPX95
22AV713B 37HL67U 50HX70
22BV500B 37HL67US 50L2200U
22C100U 37HL95 50L5200U
22CV100U 37HLC56 50M2U
22DV555DB 37HLV66 51H14
22DV556DB 37HLX95 51H83
22DV615DB 37LX96 51H84
22DV665DB 37R3500PG 51H84C
22DV713B 37RV525R 51H93
22DV714B 37RV525RZ 51HX83
22LV505 37RV52R 51HX84
22LV505C 37RV530U 51HX93
22LV50K 37RV555D 52HL167
22LV610C 37RV635D 52HM84
22LV610U 37RV635DB 52HM85
22LV610U-T 37RV665D 52HM95
22LV61K 37RV753 52HMX85
23HL84 37RV855PG 52HMX94
23HL85 37WL56P 52HMX95
23HLV84 37WL66P 52LX177
23HLV85 37WL66Z 52RV530U
23HLV86 37WLT58 52RV535U
23HLV87 37WLT66 52RV53CU
24L4200U 37WLT66S 52RV53U
24SL410U 37WLT68 52VX545U
24SLV411U 37X3030D 52XF550U
24V4210U 37X3030DB 52XV540U
26AV500 37XV503DB 52XV545U
26AV500PG 37XV505D 52XV555D
26AV500U 37XV553D 52XV645U
26AV502R 37XV555D 52XV648U
26AV502RY 37XV635D 52Z3030D
26AV502RZ 37ZV635D 55G300U
26AV502U 39L22U 55G310U
26AV502UM 40E200U 55HT1U
26AV505DB 40E200U1 55L6200U
26AV50U 40E200U2 55L7200U
26AV52R 40E200US 55SL412U
26AV52RZ 40E210U 55SL417U
26AV52U 40E210U1 55SL500U
26AV615DB 40E220U 55SV670U
26AV703G 40FT1U 55TL515U
26AV713B 40FT2U 55UL605U
26C100U 40FT2U1 55UL610U
26C100U1 40G200U2 55UX600U
26C3030D 40G300U 55VX700U
26C3030DB 40G300U1 55WX800U
26CV100U 40G300U3 55ZV650U
26DV615DB 40L2200U 55ZV655U
26DV665DB 40L5200U 56HM16
26DV713B 40L5200U1 56HM195
26HL37 40L5200U2 56HM66
26HL47 40LV665D 56HMX96
26HL57 40LV665PG 56MX195
26HL66 40LV713B 57H83
26HL67 40LV733G 57H84
26HL83 40R350U 57H84C
26HL84 40RF350U 57H84R
26HLC56 40RV525 57H93
26HLU66 40RV525R 57HM117
26HLV66 40RV525RZ 57HM167
26HP83 40RV525U 57HX83
26HP84 40RV525UM 57HX84
26LV47 40RV52R 57HX93
26LV610U 40RV52RZ 57LX177
26LV610U-T 40RV52U 62HM116
26LV61K 40RV753 62HM14
26LV67 40S51U 62HM15A
26SL400U 40SL412U 62HM167
26WLT66 40SL500U 62HM195
27HL85 40UX600U 62HM196
27HL95 40XF335D 62HM84
27HLV95 40XF355D 62HM85
27HLX95 40XF550U 62HM95
27WL56P 40XV551D 62HMX85
27WL65G 40XV551DB 62HMX95
27WLG65G 40XV640U 62MX195
27WLT56B 40XV645U 62MX196
32AV5000U 40XV648U 65H14
32AV500U 42A3030D 65H83
32AV502R 42AV500U 65H84
32AV502RZ 42AV504D 65H93
32AV502U 42AV505D 65HM117
32AV504D 42AV554D 65HT2U
32AV505D 42AV555D 65HX83
32AV50U 42AV555DB 65NH84
32AV52R 42AV635D 65UL610U
32AV554D 42AV635DB 72HM195
32AV554DB 42C3030D 72HM196
32AV555D 42C3031D 72MX195
32AV555DB 42C3035D 72MX196
32AV615D 42CV505D D-R5
32AV615DB 42DPC85 D-R550
32AV635D 42HL117 D-R550KU
32AV635DB 42HL167 D-R560
32AV636D 42HL17 D-R560KU
32AV636DB 42HL196 D-R570
32AV713B 42HL57 D-R570KU
32AV713B1 42HL67 D-R5S
32BV700B 42HL67U D-R5SC
32C100U 42HL67US D-R5SU
32C100U1 42HP16 LC-32DV24U
32C100U2 42HP66 MD-42HM8BSNJ
32C110U 42HP82 MD13Q42
32C110U1 42HP83 MD14F12
32C120U 42HP84 MD14F52
32C120U1 42HP95 MD14H63
32C3030D 42HPX84 MD20F12
32C3030DB 42HPX95 MD20F52
32C3031D 42L6200U MD20H63
32C3035D 42LX177 MD20H63B
32C3035DB 42LX196 MD20Q42
32CR510U 42LZ196 MD24F52
32CV505D 42RV505D MD24H63
32CV505DB 42RV530U MD24H63B
32CV510U 42RV535U MW20F12
32DF46 42RV635D MW20H63
32DT1U 42RV635DB MW24F52
32DT2U 42RV655PG MW24H63
32DT2U1 42RV665D MW27H63
32DT2UL 42RV665PG MW30G71
32DT2UL1 42SL417U P32LSA
32DV713B 42TL515U SD-P4000
32E200U 42WL58E TDP-T90AU
32FT2U 42WL58P TDP-T91AU
32HF73 42WL67Z TDP-TW90AU
32HFX73 42WLT66 TLP-450U
32HL17 42WLT68 TLP-471U
32HL17U 42WP46P TLP-651U
32HL37 42WP48E TLPS10U
32HL37U 42X3030D TXV-6653
32HL57 42X3500E  
32HL66 42XV503D  
32HL67 42XV503DB  
32HL67U 42XV505D  
32HL67US 42XV505DB  
32HL83 42XV540U  
32HL84 42XV545U  
32HL85 42XV54U  
32HL95 42XV553D  
32HLC56 42XV555D  
32HLV16 42XV555DB  
32HLV66 42XV635D  
32HLX95 42Z3030D  
32HP83 42ZV635D  
32HP84 42ZV650U  
32LV17 42ZV655U  
32LV17U 44NHM84  
32LV37 46G300U  

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